A reconversion project

The estate first began in 1850 and has been mentioned in the Féret since 1875. From 1945 to 1993, the grapes harvested on the estate contributed to the Pugnac's collective winery. In 1994 a new wine caves built so that they could produce their own wine. The wine was mentioned in Les Grands Vins de France magazine from its very first harvest. It went on to earned 11 medals over the following years.
In 2010, Philippe Betschart and his family took over the property. Betschart comes from a family of a long line of Bordeaux merchants.

L'émotion Nature

Château Les Graves de Viaud is engaged in an environmentally friendly viticulture and respect for life in general. In addition to our organic and biodynamic approach, we opt for an approach that respects the soil (conservation agriculture) and animal life (elimination of all animal manure and all inputs of animal origin in the wines).

Les Graves ... you mean Gravels ?

Château Les Graves de Viaud is situated on a gently sloping hillside facing due south and exposed to the west sea winds,
11.47 ha of vines at an average of 4400 vines/ha, new plantings at 5500 vines/ha. Merlot Noir: 70%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%, Cabernet Franc 15%.
Situated at the top of the Pugnac geological plateau, the soils vary from the top to the bottom of the hillside; at the top of the hillside, Peyrosols derived from oxidised gravel; in the middle of the hillside, sedimentary planosols with siliceous clay and at the bottom of the hillside, redox colluvium, siliceous clay and gravelly clay.

Nos adds in our wines

Our Demeter specifications require us to vinify as naturally as possible, and we do not use any animal products, only sulphur is allowed. Fermentation is done with indigenous yeasts.
We generally blend the wines as soon as they are harvested, in order to promote harmony between the grape varieties and the plots.

Ethical terroir wines

At the heart of our approach, an ethic: respect for man, nature and all living things in general, for great wines of emotion.
The emotion of nature